Community Architectural Guidelines

Architectural guidelines establish and preserve the design, finish, construction and landscaping standards of the homes in Henley Heights. These guidelines provide inspiration and ensure quality and integrity of the community as a whole, for now and in the future.

Architectural design styles in Henley Heights are a medley of traditional and contemporary designs that are sure to delight your palate. You can select from our four tasteful architectural styles, carefully selected to ensure long-term homeowner value. The community blends seamlessly with surrounding neighbourhoods, while infusing a flavour all its own.



Strong characteristics of low horizontal lines and open interior spaces. The gently sloping roofs and low proportions are reminiscent of the landscape of the prairies.



Homes present a strong, stable personality through the embrace of distinct detailing, warm wood tones and earthy colours and materials.


Classic Traditional

Designs include a mix of many classic design features typical of traditional styles, such as Colonial, Georgian and Cape Cod, incorporated into a well-proportioned and thoughtful fa├žade. Traditional design reflects fine detailing, craftsmanship, and graceful lines.


Modern Heritage

Homes characterize traditional architectural styles through strong traditional massing and pitched rooflines. These homes will address the modern taste of today’s consumer through large windows, simplified detailing and clean, neat materials.

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