Community Map

Stages 1 and 2A of Henley Heights are actively selling. Click on the Stage icons to view lot and home type details. From there you can explore the variety of home types – semi-detached, single family rear laned and single family front garage and the variety of lots available to you.

Be sure to explore the map showcasing the current and future community amenities. David Thomas King K-9 school, which opened in the fall of 2017, is centrally located in the community allowing families to walk to school from your new home.

Future development in and near the community includes a community commercial development, mixed use and commercial development and the upgrade of 231 Street. The City of Edmonton is anticipated to in theĀ future develop the park and playground spaces on the school land space which could potential include a skating rink and community center.

Download the Community Map in PDF below to discover what Henley Heights has to offer.

  • Stormwater Management Facility
  • Park/Municipal Reserve
  • Development by Others
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