November 25 2018

Home Builder Spotlight: Crimson Cove Homes

Crimson Cove

The handpicked home builders in Henley Heights were carefully selected to reflect our strong values when it comes to quality, design and customer service. These three renowned home builders make up the versatile collection of homes available in Henley Heights. We are very proud to offer front attached garage homes and rear-laned homes by the distinguished builder, Crimson Cove Homes. If you are considering building a home in the Edmonton area, continue reading to learn why Crimson Cove is a great match for you and your unique lifestyle.

Company Background

While working as the General Managers at a very large, production volume builder, Jon Schwartz, and Wade Grabeldinger experienced first-hand the need for a personalized experience for customers when building a home. Inspired by this demand for customer experience, customization and design, Jon and Wade founded Crimson Coves. These values remain today, where at any stage in your home buying experience with Crimson Cove, you can speak to Jon or Wade directly.

Crimson Cove is made up of an incredible team of construction, sales, warranty and office professionals, who collectively work together to maintain Crimson Cove’s esteemed reputation as a home builder in Edmonton.

Why Choose Crimson Cove?

When it comes to selecting a builder, we understand how important it is to find someone who you can trust and who will follow through on the quality, service, and attention to detail promised from the start to finish. Building a home requires a builder who is experienced, knowledgeable and thoughtful. Constructing a home that you will be happy with for the years to come takes time and you need to know that your builder will stand by your side throughout the entire process. With many years of experience working with hundreds of unique customers, Crimson Cove prides themselves on their flexibility, innovativeness, thoroughness, and attention to detail.

Crimson Cove Homes is an exciting and innovative home builder that is known for their customization, superior design components, and unparalleled customer experiences. They are dedicated to providing customers with a greater level of customization and personalization of their homes.

As a smaller builder, Crimson Cove ensures that each customer has a unique and enjoyable experience throughout the entire home building process. They understand the buyer’s needs and the importance of customer service and quality.

Crimson Cove’s model homes have been thoughtfully designed with functionality and space in mind. They maximize efficiency in each of their designs so that no space is wasted and offer many of the key features that are often sought after in much larger houses. These versatile models make the home appear much larger than they actually are.

If you aren’t sold yet on why you should build your future home with Crimson Cove, check out these testimonials from current Crimson Cove homeowners. You can find all current Crimson Cove listings in Henley Heights here. Visit Crimson Cove’s show home in Henley Heights at 22403 98 Avenue NW.

If you’re looking to build in the Henley Heights area, do not hesitate to send us your questions! We are always ready to have a chat with you and help you find a place to call home.

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