June 22 2018

The First Graduating Class of David Thomas King School

School’s (almost) Out for the Summer in Henley Heights!


Bike to School at Henley Heights

As we’re nearing the end of the semester, we are very excited to congratulate the first-ever graduating class from David Thomas King School!  

The community of Henley Heights welcomed this new school to the neighbourhood in fall 2017 as they opened for the 2017-2018 semester for Kindergarten to Grade Nine. This new public school has made the perfect addition to our growing community, by giving families in Henley Heights the opportunity to enjoy walking or biking with their children to school each day. A big thanks to the wonderful staff of David Thomas King for encouraging their students to grow academically and socially, celebrate inclusion and diversity, and connect with the community.

David Thomas King was a former politician and advocate of public education. He was an MLA from 1971-1986, served as the education minister from 1979 to 1986, and was the first executive director of the Public School Boards’ Association of Alberta from 1990-2010. As well, King was the minister of technology, research, and telecommunications, and was the legislative secretary to Premier Peter Lougheed.

King was responsible for leading several major initiatives in education programs, such as establishing provincial diploma exams, developing the computer technology program, the teacher internship program and the designated community schools program. During his career, he lobbied for increased public education funding and regularly spoke about education policy. King pressed for a more local, rather than provincial, control over schools and education programming and the increased ability to tailor education to better serve each school community’s population. For his work, King received the Alberta Teachers’ Association Public Education Award and a special recognition award from the Canadian Teachers’ Federation.

A variety of extracurricular opportunities are offered at David Thomas King during the noon hour or after school, such as an after-school drop-in soccer program, a running club, DTK Poetry Cafe, volleyball, badminton, and basketball team. These volunteer-led programs provide students with enriched educational experiences that enhance their learning.

Some of the special events to highlight from the first year at David Thomas King are:

-David Thomas King’s Official Opening Ceremony

-The First Christmas Concert

-Turkey Lunch

-July in January Spirit Day

-Pink Shirt Day to support anti-bullying

-The Family Glow Dance

-Hats On for Mental Health Day

-Family Fun Fair & Market

-David Thomas King Day

David Thomas King is located in Stage 2 of Henley Heights on Secord Boulevard and has a 900 student capacity. Registration is now open for the 2018-2019 school year. Apply here.

David Thomas King School


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