March 27 2019

Home Builder Spotlight: Pacesetter Homes

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Front Garage Home Builder: Pacesetter Homes

We’re excited to introduce you to our home builder, Pacesetter (you can also check out our other builder profiles on Crimson Cove and Homes by Avi). We sat down with Pacesetter Homes to get a firsthand account of who they are and what they offer.

Q: Give us a brief history of the company. Who were the founders and what was the vision?

A: Pacesetter Homes is a proudly family-owned company in its 21st year of business. We are part of the Qualico group of companies. Qualico was started by Dr. David Friesen and his wife Katherine in 1950. At the time David worked as a lawyer, at times bringing home chicken and pies in lieu of cash. Katherine worked as a teacher, earning $50 a month.

Shy on the financial means, they relied on hard work. In fact, Katherine sold many of these first homes herself – something that was unheard of in the 1950s. They understood the impact they were having on families. Like Qualico, Pacesetter understands that finely crafted homes have a generational impact.

We give families a place to gather, rest and grow.

Q: Tell us about your unique design style – inside and out.

A: Outside: Pacesetter offers a wide variety of models, across multiple home categories (attached or detached garage, duplex, townhome). Our exteriors tend to fall within craftsman-style architecture using textiles and colour palettes that withstand the test of time.

Inside: Our open concepts focus on the heart of the home (kitchen, great room, and nook) as well as the owner’s suite/ensuite. Our intentional allocation of space accommodates changes to a home owner’s lifestyle over time (i.e. lifestyle rooms can be used as an extra bedroom if older generations move in, bonus rooms can be used as media rooms to study room to meditation space etc).

Checking out our show homes is a really fun way to get the creative juices flowing (we have some of the best designers working for our Design Q department). Our Maddy II show home in Henley Heights perfectly demonstrates how bright and spacious a fully developed basement suite can be –whether it be used for guests or attracting high-quality tenants.

Q: What’s it like to work with Pacesetter? Who do you work with? What’s the process like? How do you make building a home an awesome experience?

A: It’s a 360 experience – from model selection to mortgage application to selling your current home (if needed). Not to mention having support to hand-select the features of your home with the help of a designer. We have the best sales team who will walk you through every step of buying a home, and an in-house, fully immersive design centre and design team.

Q: What’s your unique offering at Henley Heights?

A: Henley Heights is the perfect place to raise a family – with a K-to-9 school, ponds, trails and nature reserves all within walking distance. We build homes for families. Our Maddy II show home demonstrates how our homes provide the space in which to gather together (kitchen, great room, nook) and the space to ‘get away’ and have solitary time (lifestyle room, bonus room, bedrooms etc.). We also are excited to showcase the fact that we can build legal suites into our homes – and how impactful this can be at offsetting the mortgage costs.

Pacesetter offers front garage and quick possession homes at Henley Heights. You can check out their show home the Maddy II by making an appointment. For more information visit their website.