May 15 2019

Spring Gardening and Backyard Trends 2019

There’s nothing quite like neighbourhood envy over a well-kept, blossoming garden entrance leading up to your front door this spring. This being said, we’ve taken it upon ourselves at Henley Heights to let our community in on the secret to cultivating an HGTV-worthy garden this year. Discover our take on this year’s top trends that are shaping the gardening world, and prepare to impress (we promise we won’t take credit!)


Keep gardenwork simple

Living in Alberta, we know the weather can be turbulent and unpredictable, especially during a seasonal transition. The colder climates we experience are not meant to host outdoor landscapes for long periods of time and with that, we are provided a short period of time in which this space can be enjoyed. To make the most out of the warmer months, keeping things low maintenance is key. To start, Garden Design suggests selecting hardscaping materials that won’t need repairs often or constant cleaning and upkeep. What’s more, Decor Mag claims that potted plants are ‘lifesaving’ as a result of their simplicity, adding life to any outdoor home area.


Create a backyard oasis

Transform your backyard into a weekend and after work retreat, because there’s nothing like a relaxing sanctuary in your own home. Cozy up with friends and family around a fire feature, accompanied by comfy lounge chairs. Check out Garden Design for some backyard inspiration! Pull the space together with decorative lights, throw pillows and fuzzy blankets to keep you warm on those cooler summer evenings.


Think ecologically

There’s no doubt that the desire to live plastic-free is on the rise, and House Beautiful is reminding us that reusing household plastics is indeed a trend for 2019! Second-hand pots, jars, and even plastic water bottles can be used in your gardening ventures during the spring and summer seasons.


Home-grown, garden eating

Growing a harvest of fresh vegetables and herbs in your very own backyard is undoubtedly at the forefront of trends this gardening season. Although we may reside in a cooler climate, seeds that are native to the Albertan environment are recommended to cultivate a thriving harvest this season. According to Prairie Gardens, the average frost-free date is May 27th, which means several vegetables and herbs are ready to be planted for the summer. Learn more about a variety of vegetables and their best projected time to seed to make the most of your backyard crop this spring and summer season.

With the gardening season quickly approaching, it’s time to kick start your plans into action and get the garden hose running! If you’re new to gardening, spring is the perfect time to try something new – it’s the season of new beginnings, after all!


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