October 23 2018

Winter is on the Way!

Winter Snow

Maintenance Tips: Getting Ready for an Albertan Winter

Fall is officially underway, and the brisk Albertan weather is quickly creeping up on us. As a homeowner, your maintenance checklist has gotten a little more lengthy, and we’re here to help you keep on top of it. As we’ve said farewell to summer for another year, it’s time to get your house prepped and ready to take on the snowy winter months. Continue reading to find out what our suggested tips and tricks are in order to help you and your home show winter who’s boss!

Check windows for leaks and cracks

A cool breeze might be nice in the scorching summer heat, but you will likely think otherwise in the winter. Take a lit candle around to all of your windows, and if the light flickers this may mean there is a draft coming through. Take the time to get it fixed, you won’t regret it. Especially when your heating bill comes in!

Get the furnace inspected

Have a professional HVAC take a look at your furnace to ensure there are no leaks or damages. Why not ask them to change the filter and check your home’s heating efficiency while you’re at it? It’s better to be prepared now than face these issues when it’s too chilly!

Give the gutters a good clean

Either get a professional’s help, or grab a ladder and take a peek in those gutters you’ve been ignoring for the past few months. This is an important step to take before temperatures drop to ensure that debris and water doesn’t freeze and damage the gutter.

Time for a seasonal equipment swap

It’s that time of year when Alberta starts to cool down, and the weather gets more unpredictable by the month. Winter and summer call for very different equipment, and it’s time to start making some swaps in the garage. Stow away your lawn-mowers and gardening tools, it’s time to pull out the shovels and snow-blowers.

Inspect trees

Inspect your lot, and make sure to check for damaged tree limbs that may break, and could fall on the house or close to any power lines. If you see any branches that may already look weaker or loose, it’s best to get rid of them to ensure your home and family’s safety.

Have any more tips to share with your Henley Heights neighbours? Share them with us to help everyone in Henley Heights have a safe winter!

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